Philadelphia Union 2017 Season Review

Dave, Christian, and Christian Sandler dissect the Philadelphia Union’s 2017 season including the front office, Academy, and what we want to see from this offseason/the future.

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Before we get to our topics, I wanted to highlight a few things:
- You can find Christian Sandler on Twitter 
- Make sure to check out Christian Sandler’s most recent article on Alejandro Bedoya’s season for the fantastic Philly Soccer Page

Stories & topics discussed in this episode:
Segment 1 — Big Picture Discussion
- General season review
- Curtin staying as manager
- Earnie’s performance so far in his 2 years as GM
- Thoughts on Sugarman

Segment 2 — Player/Roster Review
Bedoya’s season review
- Rosenberry situation
- Players who were cut
- Any other players or performances you want to discuss

Segment 3 — This Offseason/The Future
- Expectations of YSC (Academy)
- Who do they need to sign (positions &/or types of players)?
- What would be a successful offseason?
- What are your expectations & hopes for next season?

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