Episode 96 — Pizzazz

We are joined by Matthew Ridout, aka Soccernoob, to discuss Bayern's comments to the media, Mourinho vs the Chelsea assistant, Usain Bolt's soccer career, & more.

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Stories & topics discussed in this episode:
Matt's Time Here On This Podcast (3:22-9:56)
- FC Bayern dealings with media

Christian's Corner (11:28-29:50)
- No Messi or Ronaldo in el Clasico for first time in 11 years
- Mourinho vs Chelsea assistant
- DC United's playoff chances

SoccerNoob Rockin' America (30:37-47:29)
- Ballon d'Or voting
- Mar Ibarra murder
- Usain Bolt's rejection of Maltese club Vallette FC

Listener Questions (48:24-59:53)

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