Episode 90 — Shag A Little Bit Too Much With That

We're joined by Andrew Deihl to discuss Neymar as Brazil's permanent captain, Messi's snub, Denmark's national team standoff, and more.

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Stories & topics discussed in this episode:
Matt's Time Here (2:06-14:12)
- Neymar made permanent captain of Brazil
- Emery said Arsenal need 2 more transfer windows to get where they need to be

Christian's Corner (15:02-29:48)
- Messi snubbed from FIFA awards
- Red Star Belgrade fans are banned from traveling to LFC & PSG Champions League matches

Drew's Den (30:21-46:53)
- USMNT head coach search
- Situation with the Denmark FA

Dave's (46:53-49:47)
- Ronaldo bought Rayo Valladolid
- Las Vegas Lights dropped $5K from a helicopter for fans

Listener Questions (49:47-55:35)

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