Episode 84 — It's Beggin'!

Dave & Christian are joined by D.J. Fluck from Stadium Scene and Dave's wife Kristin (for Christian's Corner) on today's podcast. We discuss athlete diets, how Atlanta United would do in the Premier League, Brad Guzan's in-game interview at the MLS All-Star game, and more.

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Stories & topics discussed in this episode:
Christian's Corner
- Bellerin going vegan (pro athlete diets)
- MLS All-Star Game
- FA Rule Changes (managers getting cards!!!)

D.J.'s Dive
- Atlanta United is likely best team in MLS, how would they finish in the Premier League?
- In a 2 leg champions league style knockout, who is the first team in the table ATLUTD would beat, starting with MCFC and moving downward?

Dave's Segment
- Inter has been aggressive this transfer window. Can they compete for the Serie A title this season?
- Brad Guzan mic'ed up for MLS all-star game and was interviewed during play.

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