Episode 68 — Rubbed By What He Said

The Knittel brothers discuss Bayern & the Bundesliga, young MLS players choosing other careers, the North American World Cup bid, and more.

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Stories & topics discussed in this episode:
Segment 1
- Bayern have a 20 point lead in the Bundesliga (http://dailypost.ng/2018/03/05/bundesliga-bayern-munich-open-20-point-gap/)
- Thoughts on PSG going out in round of 16 of Champions League (http://www.goal.com/en/news/sacchi-slams-weak-paris-saint-germain-psg-real-madrid/1akdpwhos5x6x1ukkwljpoictq)

Segment 2
- Bob Bradley wishes he was never offered the Swansea job (http://www.espn.com/soccer/swansea-city/story/3405428/bob-bradley-says-he-wishes-swansea-had-never-offered-him-job)
- Young MLS players choosing other career paths (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/soccer-insider/wp/2018/03/03/they-were-top-mls-draft-picks-but-when-their-soccer-dreams-changed-they-walked-away/?utm_term=.9595aad83dab)

Segment 3
- North American World Cup bid in legitimate danger (https://www.si.com/soccer/2018/02/28/2026-world-cup-bid-morocco-united-states-canada-mexico-donald-trump-vote)
- Listener question from Matthew Miller. On MLS Teams not winning the CONCACAF Champions League: I wonder if this is something to do with the Roster system they have in place in MLS. Typically, you win the league, and then will strengthen your team to compete domestically and in continental comps, but MLS clubs can’t do this?

Others mentioned
- Mike Piazza rant (http://www.whatahowler.com/reggiana-owner-mike-piazza-holds-press-conference-announce-fricken-pissed-off/)
- Player given red for telling ref his last name (https://twitter.com/Ollie_Bayliss/status/971151194386321410)
- Claudio Pizarro has scored a goal every year in the Bundesliga for the past 20 years (https://streamable.com/e0qj6)